Lavender; Video One

Do you use an Instant Pot? If so, why? Hi, it’s Shinko, and I am passionate about living a natural lifestyle. I love having the Instant Pot in our kitchen because of its multitasking features. Designed to function as an All-In-One Pressure Cooker, the Instant Pot practically replaced many appliances in our household.

If the Instant Pot is the Queen of Kitchen Appliances due to its multi-purpose functions, Lavender oil is the Mother of All Essential Oils for its versatility. Lavender has been the most used essential oil in the world for over 2500 years. Since there are so many uses for it, it is often referred to as the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of essential oils. No wonder there is an old saying when in doubt, use Lavender!

Have you got cuts, sores, stings or burns? No worries, Lavender is here to the rescue! Roman soldiers were known to take Lavender on campaigns with them to dress war wounds. Wow, they were walking diffusers with massive muscles! Although I don’t have huge muscles as these Roman soldiers did have, I carry a bottle of Lavender oil everywhere I go to clean wounds and encourage healing. And guess what? If you try it out, you will be amazed to see how fast bleeding (well, a minor one) stops once Lavender is applied on the skin! So why not add Lavender oil to your First Aid Kit?

If you are outdoor lovers, here’s good news! While humans find the scent of Lavender to be calming, the smell repels most bugs. It is no wonder Romans used it to repel insects and ease insect bites and treat head lice – yikes! I, for one, make my bug spray with Lavender oil every summer. Why not use commercial bug repellents? Because most repellents are filled with toxic chemicals, which can cause us sick. For example, DEET is linked to seizures, heart failures and even death…eek! Having said that, if you would like to make your bug spray, please contact me. I will be happy to share my secret recipe with you!

Did you know Lavender has been used as a natural immune booster for centuries? The story of Thieves Vinegar tells all. During the Middle Ages, when plague outbreaks devastated Europe, Lavender was used to formulating unique herbal vinegar and worn by four French thieves to steal from the dead and dying! Today, the legend lives on as many use Lavender to ward off germs and alleviate cough and cold symptoms naturally. Would you like to know how to use Lavender when you are under the weather? Then watch the 3rd-day video listed below! Not only Lavender smells so pretty, but also it is the first line of defence in our health…Lavender is true to its nickname: the “Swiss Army Knife” of Essential Oils, Jack of All Trades!

In sum, history tells us there are so many therapeutic uses for Lavender. The oil is a must-have multitasker to add to your natural healing alternatives indeed. If you would like to learn more, watch the other videos listed below! Stay tuned because tomorrow I will be talking about where exactly the oil comes from!

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