Lavender; Video Four

When is the last time you’ve got to pamper yourself? Do you regularly have an at-home spa day? Hi, it’s Shinko, and I’m passionate about living a natural lifestyle. If you are not sure, give yourself permission to unwind and relax with Lavender oil! So, have your pen and paper ready – today I will be Japanese Martha Stewart again and show you how to nourish your skin & soul in 10 different ways. Are you worried that you may not remember them all? No problem! Click the link below for recipes.

Before I proceed, here is a tip. If you find the oil too strong for your liking, you can add up to 8 drops of Lavender oil to 10 ml of any vegetable oil.

Are you ready?

For Skin & Hair:

Have you got cuts, bruises and mild burns? Don’t worry; Lavender’s got it all covered! Referred by many to be a “First Aid in a Bottle,” Lavender helps with minor wounds — cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, stings, and more!

Are your pets making your skin itchy and your eyes watery? Apply Lavender to the soles of your feet and massage! The oil can help you manage the symptoms naturally.

How about minor sunburn or diaper rash? Rub the mixture of Lavender and vegetable oil into the irritated skin. I promise nothing is like a soothing sensation that Lavender brings!

Not a fan of blemishes? Me, either! Apply a drop or two to those pesky red spots, and you’ll notice that it helps reduce the appearance of marks. Well, it’s not magic; it’s just Lavender oil!

My grandma used to say, “Embrace the years as they go by and support your ageing skin!” By the way, do you know how? It’s so simple! Just add Lavender essential oil to your moisturizer. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing around like you’re in the spring of youth!

Wiping off your makeup doesn’t have to be a raucous affair. Did you know you can mix Lavender with coconut oil to take your makeup off? Speaking of makeup, here is a little tip. Add a couple of Lavender drops into the mascara and shake the bottle well. And voila! It helps your mascara from clumping!

Silky, strong hair, anyone? Massage your scalp with Lavender oil before the shower! Or combine 2 – 8 drops total of Lavender oil with an equal amount of shampoo! Trust me; your healthier-looking hair will catch everyone’s eye!

For Relaxation & Sleep:

After you are makeup-free, continue your night with a Lavender oatmeal bath soak. You don’t need fancy soaps and serums to create a luxurious and relaxing experience. All you need are 1 cup Epsom salt, 1 Cup Quick Oats, ½ Cup Baking Soda and 15 drops Lavender oil. First, grind oats in a food processor or coffee grinder into a fine flour-like texture. Next, mix all ingredients in a bowl until oils are evenly distributed. After that, store in a glass jar and use about 1 cup of mixture per bath. By the way, you can create a pouch for your mix using a sock or pantyhose to reduce floating oatmeal flakes in bathwater. Now, who is ready for a fragrant bath?

Are you on your feet all day? Rub your cares away with a personal foot massage! Lavender’s soothing scent will help you focus on what’s most important while your tired little trotters get some much-needed TLC. Your tired feet will thank you for the massage!

How stressed are you before bed? Place a few drops of Lavender on a tissue, tuck it inside your pillowcase, and let this floral friend ease your occasional nervous tension. Or add a few drops of Lavender oil in your diffuser with distilled water in the base. The calming fragrance will whisk you away into dreamland in no time!

Who is ready to have an at-home spa day? As you can see, with just a bottle of Lavender oil (I’m sure it’s much cheaper than going to an expensive spa!), you can treat yourself to a spa experience anytime in the comfort of your home. If you have any other recipes with Lavender oil, please message me and share it with me! I would love to learn from you! Tomorrow I will introduce you to the Lavender oil-infused products I use daily, so stay tuned!

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