Lemon; Video Two

Do you know there are two kinds of light in the world? Hi, it’s Shinko, and I’m passionate about living a natural lifestyle. Yes, you’ve guessed it right, there are artificial light and natural light. While natural light is produced by the sun, artificial light sources can include light bulbs and tube lights. Sunlight is the source of Vitamin D and increases our vitality and energy; however, artificial light disrupts the body’s internal clock and affects our mood, sleep and activity.

Now, I have a question for you – which light do you prefer?

I confess I used to thrive as a night owl when I was younger. I depended on artificial light to stay up late and wake up well past sunrise. The morning was an awful time of day for me. Throughout the day, I had trouble concentrating and struggled to stay awake. As I changed my sleep schedule and jump start my day with morning sunshine, I became more energized, focused and productive. Today, I prefer to conduct my daily activities under the sunshine’s warmth rather than under the flare of light bulbs. Put differently, I came to appreciate more natural things in life than the artificial stuff men created.

With that being said, the same rule applies to essential oils. There are all-natural, therapeutic grade essential oils and synthetic, food and perfume quality oils.

Therapeutic grade essential oils offer many health benefits due to the healing properties. As natural remedies, the oils are more expensive because a considerable amount of the raw plant material is needed to provide a single drop. Producing oils for therapeutic benefits is exceptionally time-consuming as well. However, the oils are so pure and concentrated that they last longer and save us money in the long run.

On the other hand, there is absolutely no medical benefit to using synthetically produced essential oils because the oils contain human-made chemicals, fillers and artificial fragrance. These ingredients can do more damage than do good! Mass-produced cheaply, the synthetic oils are inexpensive and widely available at stores. While buying lower quality may save a few dollars on the front end, those oils often end up wasting our money and possibly costing our health.

What about the Lemon oil you’ve got? It is from the company called Young Living Essential Oils, and it produces the best essential oils on the market! The quality is top-notch since Young Living practices a rigorous quality control called “Seed to Seal.” From the seed that grows the plant to the harvesting to the distillation to the bottle’s sealing, they do it all! In other words, Young Living is in control of everything.

Where are the oils are from? From the farms, Young Living owns and operates! With locations on six continents, the global farms are at the heart of everything they stand for. To ensure purity, no harmful chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used for the field or plants. That is especially important when it comes to producing citrus oils, such as Lemon. The reason? Because the oil is extracted from the rind of citrus fruits. More precisely, no pesticide residues should be included in the oil to compromise its purity. Free of synthetic or harmful chemicals, Young Living Lemon oil is registered as a Natural Health Product with Health Canada, which speaks volumes about the quality!

What about potency? Young Living Lemon oil is incredibly potent, which means that the oil may dissolve plastic! The experiment demonstrates that a tiny drop of Lemon oil makes a balloon pop! In other words, Lemon oil has an amazingly powerful cleansing ability! Combined with vinegar, the oil can serve as a degreaser and residue remover naturally. Thus, Lemon oil is a better choice to be used for cleaning your home than the products made of harsh chemicals, which can make you sick. If you would like to learn how to clean with Lemon oil, please watch tomorrow’s video for recipes.

In brief, Young Living presents the best Lemon oil on the market, and the oil has natural cleansing, purifying, and uplifting properties. Since the oil is free of harmful chemicals, it will give you complete peace of mind.

For more information, please watch the other videos. Contact me for answers to all of your products or oily business-related questions. Tomorrow I will be sharing the fantastic health benefits of Lemon oil with you, so stay tuned!

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