Peppermint; Video Two

Do you know there are two kinds of people in the world? Hi, it’s Shinko, and I’m passionate about living a natural lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve noticed that some always look for short-term fixes, and the rest seek long-term solutions to their problems. Put it differently; some people shop at dollar stores in the hope of being more economical and people who only buy quality products to take better care of their health and save money in the long run.

Which group do you belong to?

At one point in my life, I confess I was one of those who shopped at dollar stores to trim our budgets. I still remember when I purchased the so-called a pair of “get beautiful and healthy-looking hair” shampoo and conditioner at the store. It seemed like a great idea at that time since I liked what I saw on the TV commercial and the price was very reasonable. Excited, I jumped in the shower as soon as I got home to shampoo my hair. And this is what happened. After the shower, contrary to my expectations, my hair went so static and frizzy that I had to wear a baseball cap all day long! Even my husband didn’t appreciate how his hair looked, so we ended up tossing them out only after one use! The same thing happened with cleaning supplies, vitamins, toothpaste and kitchen items – terrible quality, what a waste!

What did I learn from this experience? It’s better to spend more money initially and buy quality products. In this way, we save more money in the long run and appreciate the quality!

The same goes for essential oils. Did you know by regulation that only 5-10% of the bottle has to be pure to be labelled pure? Do you know what this means? The rest of the bottle can be olive oil, synthetic chemicals, fillers and artificial fragrance, which, worst of all, can make you very sick.

How about the oil you’ve got? It is from the company called Young Living Essential Oils, which produces the best essential oils out there on the market. The oil is so pure and concentrated that one drop of Peppermint oil is equal to 28 cups of Peppermint tea – wow!

Let’s face it; it is rare to find anything authentic and genuine in the world filled with synthetic chemicals. When I first got the sample, I had to try out the oil to make sure the claim was valid. What did I do to test the potency? I made Peppermint flavoured water by adding a drop to a glass of water. And oops! I accidentally got two drops out of the oil bottle instead of one! The result? It was so spicy that I had to add more water to dilute the drink! Hence confirmed, with Young Living oils, a little goes a long way, so the actual cost per drop could save us money!

Sure, Peppermint oil is super concentrated. But is it the real deal? I found out the answer when I opened up the new bottle one day. Although the label said Peppermint, the smell was somewhat different. The reason? The oil smelled different because this batch has come from the other farm on a different continent! Meaning, growing Peppermint in a different geographical location can produce a different taste and aroma. What about the quality? The same quality is guaranteed because Young Living only makes oils that pass the rigorous testing for its highest standard, called “Seed to Seal” promise. The quality is so supreme that Peppermint oil is registered as a Natural Health Product with Health Canada! With that being said, Peppermint oil you have is as real as it gets!

By the way, where exactly are the farms? The 75% of Young Living Peppermint essential oil comes from North America, including a Utah farm. Lucky for me, I had the privilege of visiting the farm there for the last two years! And guess what? The visit was full of surprises! For example, at the farm, I was allowed to walk around, take photos and ask questions freely, unlike other corporate properties. At the distillery, staff explained that the oil is extracted only through steam distillation and no harmful chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides, are used on the plants or the field. Weeds are picked by hands or sprayed with essential oils to ward off bugs! What was my thought? Purity matters the most to all the staff work there because they care very much about us consumers! The visit was one of a kind experiences because I witnessed how important transparency and authenticity are to them as individuals and a company. Are you interested in visiting the farms? Please contact me for more information – it will be an incredible eye-opener to be at such farms in person!

In summary, without being mass-produced and contaminated with harmful chemicals, Young Living Peppermint oil stands as the best essential oil on the market today. The oil is so concentrated that you can get so much more for the same price. As a Natural Health Product, the product speaks for itself and gives you complete peace of mind.

Are you interested in learning more? Then, go to the links for other videos! Have you got any questions? Please contact me for the answers. Tomorrow I will be sharing the incredible health benefits of Peppermint with you, so stay tuned!

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