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Do you know there are two kinds of tree decor on the market? Hi, I’m Shinko and passionate about living a natural lifestyle. You may have guessed the answer, but there are artificial tree décor and natural ones sold at stores. For example, I’ve noticed some prefer to get fresh-cut Christmas trees around Christmas time that fill their homes with the season’s festive scent. Others decorate artificial Christmas trees for their holiday celebrations.

Which tree do you prefer?

I confess we still take our artificial tree out of storage and set it up in our living room every year only for convenience (well, we pledged we would buy a real tree this year). Although the artificial trees are no-mess and no-maintenance, they’re manufactured from plastic and steel with no magical, natural aroma. Moreover, made with dyes in large factories, they only contribute to our growing pollution problems. Once they get broken, or the colours fade, the trees will eventually sit in a landfill, hence, they are not eco-friendly. On the other hand, real Christmas tree lovers swear by the natural woody musk of a freshly cut Christmas tree and their ecological and recyclable nature. While real Christmas trees are grown on farms, they also improve air quality by emitting oxygen, and they provide habitat for wildlife – how brilliant!

Essential oils are no exception. Did you know by regulation that only 5-10% of the bottle has to be pure to be labelled pure? That means the rest can be olive oil, synthetic chemicals, fillers and artificial fragrance! Do you know what happens when your body is chemically overloaded? It may lead to as devastating as cancer, lethargy, inability to focus, sleep issues, chronic inflammation and pain, hormonal imbalance, depression, etc. No wonder most essential oils sold at stores are cheap and can do more damage than good!

What about the oil you’ve got? It is from a company called Young Living Essential Oils, and the oil is the real deal, just like fresh-cut Christmas trees. Young Living has a ‘Seed to Seal’ promise, which means they do it all! From the seed that grows the plant, to the harvesting, to the distillation, to the bottle’s sealing, Young Living is in control of everything. In addition to that, R.C. essential oil is registered as a Natural Health Product with Health Canada, which speaks volumes!

As the world leader in essential oils, Young Living has its farms on six continents. To ensure purity, the oil is extracted only through steam distillation. And no harmful chemicals such as pesticides or herbicides are used for the field or plants. The farm staff pick weeds by hands or spray essential oils to ward off the weeds. So, rest assured the R.C. oil you have is 100% pure and free of synthetics or harmful chemicals.

What about the potency? A rule of thumb of Young Living is that less is more. For example, I have quite a few people come to me and express their regret of purchasing store-bought cheap essential oils. They complain these commercial essential oils aren’t strong enough. They aren’t happy because they have to add extra drops to get the right potency. With Young Living Essential Oils; however, the oils are so potent and concentrated that you won’t end up replacing the bottles regularly to get more. Therefore, that will save you money in the long run!

For these reasons, we use R.C. essential il at home during the cold and flu season.
Formulated with ten therapeutic essential oils, R.C. is safe to use as a natural cough remedy. In a diffuser, applied topically, or in a bath with Epsom salt, R.C. essential oil helps promote deeper breathing.

In summary, Young Living Essential Oils are the best of bests! Grown, harvested and bottled at their farms, they are safe alternatives as natural home remedies. As one of the must-have oils in our medicine cabinets, R.C. essential oil effectively relieves cough and cold symptoms naturally with three Eucalyptus oils’ cleansing power.

For more information, please watch the following oily videos. If you require any further assistance, please contact me. Tomorrow I will be sharing the benefits of R.C. oil with you, so stay tuned!

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